Server Highlights


Group together and survive the outdoors, or gang up and raid enemy factions! Or go rogue and explore and raid alone. We won't judge you.

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in-Game Shops

Purchase In-Game items with gold obtained while playing on our server to get great rare items.

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With a 4 biome map or a Pokemon stadium, or even the wildnerness to choose from, you will never get bored fighting with others.

See Demo Video

Custom Plugins Soon!

That's right, we have a team of developers working on brining you the coolest plugins you've seen

See Demo Video

Donation Options

Our donations work on a global basis, donate for something to help boost the WHOLE server.

Other Great Features

  • Unique Spawn
    A floating sphere held up in the air by balloons!
  • Dark Forest
    Beneath the spawn is a Dark Forest with monsters lurking around.
  • Updating
    Always creating and adding more features to the server.
  • Clan Based Systems
    Join a clan to make questing and raiding easier.
  • Friendly Staff
    Feel free to talk to us and ask us any questions!
  • In Game Store
    Mine resources and sell them for other items in the store.
This is where we will describe the new feature. Check back soon!
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No! Just the 4 latest features will go here.

The Server Staff Team

  • SolidCloud

    SolidCloud Builder is the Owner of Crafting Land, and can often be found working hard.
  • Steve Builder

    Steve Builder is the lead builder of Crafting Land. Like what you see? Let him know!
  • Open Spot

    Here is reserved for our incoming Administrator
  • Open Spot

    Our last spot to help out with the server. TBA soon.
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